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Ultrasonic cleaners employ oscillating sound pressure waves at frequencies beyond those perceptible by the human ear (Ultrasound). As the soundwaves act on the tank and agitate the contained liquid, cavitation (the implosion of tiny air bubbles within the liquid) is induced. This acts against contaminants adhered to objects contained in the vessel, separating the two much more gently, efficiently and precisely than would be the case with conventional cleaning methods aided by brushes or solvents.

The ultrasonic cleaning process is used in conjunction with solutions in suitable carrier liquids (often water). As the ultrasonic-induced cavitation occurs, the effectiveness of the aqueous solution is greatly improved to deliver an outstanding clean.

For further information on the benefits of ultrasonic cleaning, see: 'Cleaning Before Sterilizing': Why ultrasonic technology is vital. (PDF, 614K), 中文 (PDF, 212K).

Pulse Swept Power®

Ultrasonics is now considered “world’s best practice” when it comes to cleaning of delicate instruments such as those used for “Key Hole Surgery.” Soniclean's patented Pulse Swept Power® sets exciting new standards for ultrasonic cleaning by improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the cleaning process. Pulse Swept Power® technology is now recognised by many leading institutions as the safest and most cost efficient method of cleaning surgical instruments.

Soniclean®  pioneered Pulse Swept Power® in the early 1990's and since then have made further advances and improvements to this innovative approach to the cleaning of surgical instruments.

How does Pulse Swept Power® in Ultrasonics work?

Unlike conventional ultrasonic machines, Pulse Swept Power® prevents standing waves from developing in the cleaning tank and instead distributes the ultrasonic energy more evenly throughout the tank. This greatly increases the power efficiency of the machine, and results in a precise clean.

Pulse Swept Power® has been designed to meet and exceed the highest ISO Clean Room Standards and is CE and TGA compliant.

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The ultrasonic cleaners incorporate unique, innovative Pulse Swept Power® technology and include many other processing and safety features.

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